Pillar Audio Visual Services is one of the leading suppliers of Digital congress systems and interpretation equipment. We offer mobile interpretation equipment, professional conference equipment and audio-video systems for hire including service technician.

We are the authorised dealer for PTN Electronics and GONSIN Digital Conference Equipment here in Kenya. Due to their reliable performance and consistent quality, we have installed Digital congress systems and interpretation systems in corporate and Government institutions



Pillar Audio Visual Services the latest system on Digital Congress Network (DCN). We have innovative solution for digital conferencing. This system can meet all the requirements of your event. It has an aesthetic design, it is reliable and give you complete control of the meeting.

The basic function of the system is to support speech and hearing without the participation of the operator. Bosch Next Generation creates an integrated communications infrastructure, which improves service even during the toughest of international conferences.

The system is so flexible that it can be of any size, and new modules can be connected to the existing chain. With its advanced audio and video technologies, every participant can truly see and hear the whole of the conference. The system is comfortable and intuitive, and the master of ceremonies has full control of the meeting.


We provide a complete and professional conference service. We have solutions from the from the top reputable brands. Pillar Audio Visual Services Services has installed digital congress systems for the Kenyan Parliament in Nairobi for both Parliament The Senate

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